Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Ken Mills I accept your challenge and will connect The Doors to KISS in six steps or less.

The Doors are, in my opinion, one of the most overrated bands in history. How will I connect them to KISS in six steps or less? Like this: 

1. After The Doors Ray Manzarek was in a band called Nite City. Nite City released two albums, Nite City in 1977 and Golden Days Diamond Nights in 1978.

2. The guitar player and singer in Nite City was a dude named Paul Warren.

3. After Nite City broke up Paul Warren formed a power pop band he called Paul Warren & Explorer. They were quite popular on the sunset strip and released an album on RSO Records in 1980 called One of the Kids which was produced by Peter Coleman.

Now here's the thing, Peter Coleman also produced records for Pat Benatar and Holly Knight's band Spider, both of which I have already used as links. So let's see where else Peter Coleman might take us.

4. In 1984 Peter Coleman produced the self-titled album by a Baltimore band called The Ravyns.

5. The Ravyns are best known for the song "Raised on the Radio" which appeared on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack. That soundtrack also included a song called "The Look In Your Eyes" by Gerard McMahon.

6. Gerard McMahon wrote "Is That You," the first song on the 1980 KISS album Unmasked.

And there you have it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Patrick Johnson I accept your challenge and will connect Hall & Oates to KISS in six steps or less.

Daryl Hall and John Oates have been musical partners since 1970. They've changed styles (and facial hair) many times over the course of their 18 studio albums but 5 out of their 6 number one hits happened in the eighties. My favorite Hall & Oates song by far is...

How am I going to connect these dreamers to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. The song "Every Time You Go Away," which was written by Daryl Hall and originally appeared on the 1980 Hall & Oates album Voices, was a number one hit for British singer Paul Young in 1985.

2. Paul Young's 1983 debut album No Parlez opens with a song called "Come Back and Stay" which was written by Jack Lee and originally performed by classic power pop band The Nerves who released a brilliant four song EP in 1976.

3. The first song on that Nerves EP was called "Hanging On The Telephone" and was also written by Jack Lee. The song was famously covered by Blondie on their top ten hit album Parallel Lines in 1979.

4. Blondie's 1980 number one hit single "Call Me" was written and produced by Italian pop impresario Giorgio Moroder.

5. Giorgio Moroder wrote and produced four songs for Bonnie Tyler's 1991 album Bitterblue.

6. Bonnie Tyler's 1988 album was called Hide Your Heart. The album's title track was written by Paul Stanley, Desmond Child and Holly Knight and would later turn up on the 1989 KISS album Hot In The Shade.

And there you have it.

Monday, July 21, 2014



Fistful of Dave I accept your challenge and will connect CRASS to KISS in six steps or less.

Crass were a politically active DIY peace-loving feminist environmentalist anarchist punk band. How on earth can I connect them to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. Crass was a tough nut to crack! They didn't use producers or outside songwriters and they didn't do covers, but luckily for me NYC "antifolk" artist Jeffrey Lewis released an album in 2007 entitled 12 Crass Songs on which he covered, uh...yeah, duh: twelve Crass songs.

2. In 2005 Jeffrey Lewis recorded an album with his brother Jack entitled City and Eastern Songs which was produced by Kramer, full name Mark Kramer, founder of Shimmy Disc Records (he released the first Gwar album, Hell-O, along with albums by Daniel Johnston, Ween, and others). 

3. In addition to running Shimmy Disc and producing other artists Kramer was a founding member of underground indie psych band Bongwater.

4. Another founding member of Bongwater was actress and performance artist Ann Magnuson. She was in Desperately Seeking Susan.

5. The 1990 album Third Eye by California punks turned rockers Redd Kross featured a song called "Annie's Gone" which was written about Ann Magnuson and Ann Magnuson appeared in the video for the song.

6. Redd Kross opened their 1984 album (or is it an EP?) Teen Babes From Monsanto with a raucous cover of the song "Deuce" which originally appeared on the self-titled 1974 debut album by a band called KISS.

And there you have it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Top 10 KISS Guitar Solos - Ep146

While Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are the 2 constant mainstays in KISS, the lead guitar position has faced the most changes of their 40 year history.

This week Aaron and Chris dissect and spin their Top 10 favorite KISS guitar solos. Aaron takes the Ace Frehley route for his list and Chris pulls his 10 favorite from the combined tenure of Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, and Tommy Thayer. There's some very interesting and unexpected picks. Let us know what YOUR top 10 KISS guitar solos are by commenting below or on the facebook fan page (

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Matthew Joseph I accept your challenge and will connect Crowded House to KISS in six steps or less.

Crowded House are a wonderful Australian band fronted by a brilliant Kiwi songwriter named Neil Finn. How am I going to connect them to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. "Locked Out" by Crowded House is on the Reality Bites soundtrack alongside a song called "Going Going Gone" by Seattle power poppers The Posies.

2. The Posies' 1993 album Frosting on the Beater was produced by Don Fleming.

3. Don Fleming was a member of indie rock supergroup Dim Stars with punk rock pioneer Richard Hell.

4. The drummer in Richard Hell's seminal punk rock band the Voidoids was a guy named Marc Bell (far left).

5. Marc Bell had previously been a member of early seventies NYC heavy rock band Dust with Richie Wise (so there's one link) and he would eventually replace late drummer Tommy Ramone and become Marky Ramone in the Ramones.

6. KISS recorded a version of the Ramones song "Do You Remember Rock n' Roll Radio" for the 2003 tribute album We're a Happy Family.

And there you have it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thundermother is Anything But a Rock 'n' Roll Disaster

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                          Photo Gallery of Thundermother at Sweden Rock Festival 2014

 Rock 'n' Roll Disaster, the debut release from Sweden's Thundermother is anything but a disaster!  You may not be familiar with this band, and neither was I until one day I was watching a 
Filippa Nassil-photo by The Meister
concert recording of another awesome Swedish band, Sister Sin that they had posted on their Facebook page.  The next band on stage at the event was Thundermother.  With AC/DC comparisons abound they were captivating, exuding a stage presence and energy that drew me in right away with their original compositions.  I eagerly awaited the release of their debut album that my internet scouring had informed me was in the works and
Giorgia Carteri-by Meister
was stoked when their name appeared among the 80 plus groups that would be performing at 2014's Sweden Rock Festival.  Excellent, I would get to witness the actual live act as I voyage from Toronto, Canada to Solvesborg, Sweden for my second year of the festival event.  The ladies were absolutely incredible on stage that day fueled by periodic shots of "Fireball" and I was forced to skip another act that I been waiting to see since 1990 as I couldn't pull myself away from Thundermother! Day #3 at Sweden Rock 2014.  I had planned
Clare Cunningham-Meister
 to purchase the CD and also a t-shirt at the festival, but somehow failed to complete this mission.  I've now acquired the CD, but the t-shirt I have yet to secure.  The band consists of a quintet of ladies, guitarists Filippa Nassil and Giorgia Carteri being the original founders and after a long search involving several players are now joined by Tilda Stenqvist on drums, Linda Strom on bass and Irishwoman Clare Cunningham commanding the vocal position.  Their particular flavor of rock 'n' roll could probably best be described as what things might sound like if Australia's AC/DC underwent a sex change operation with a little Sex Pistols attitude thrown in for good measure.
Thundermother performing at Sweden Rock Festival on Friday June 6, 2014-photo by The Meister

Rock 'n' Roll Disaster album cover
The album opens up, as did the Sweden Rock show, with "Man With Blues", the longest running song contained on Rock 'n' Roll Disaster"Deranged" follows and both these first two tracks are solid straight forward hard rock songs featuring plenty of classic riffage.  From there things really ramp up with "The Dangerous Kind", a track that I was familiar with through my you-tube adventures prior to heading over to Sweden and likewise with the next in line title track.  The three punch to the gut combo of the best songs on Rock 'n' Roll Disaster come now in succession with the well named "Thunderous", the way too short "Please Me" and the lead single from the album "Shoot to Kill""One For the Road" could be my least favorite and while "Cheers" may be rather campy, it's insanely catching and comes off really well in a live setting with, of course, a guest appearance from the "Fireball".  "Saturday" closes the album on a high note with another fast paced in your face rocker.

The ladies haven't re-invented the wheel here, but the album is filled with good solid hard rock songs all possessing a heavy helping of cohones.  Check out what I mean through the official video for "Shoot to Kill" below.

The Meister

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Matt Ashcraft I accept your challenge and will connect D*A*D to KISS in six steps or less.

D-A-D (which is an acronym for the band's original name: Disneyland After Dark) are a very cool Danish hard rock band. They have been quite successful in their homeland but are minimally known in the US even though they did have a brush with fame in the early nineties when MTV gave their videos for "Sleeping My Day Away" and "Girl Nation" a few spins. 

If you haven't figured it out by now there are usually a variety of routes I could take to connect these various artists to KISS but I have been trying to pick some of the more entertaining and/or enlightening ways to get where I need to go, and I've tried not to repeat links. So let's see where D-A-D might take us.

Luckily for me D-A-D's second album Draws a Circle contains a cover version of America's annoying number one hit from 1972 "A Horse With No Name."

So yeah, I could be done right here because Russ Ballard wrote a bunch of songs for America, including the band's big eighties hit "You Can Do Magic," but I've already used Russ Ballard as a link so that's no fun.

A little research and I discover that America's 1984 album Perspective includes a song called "Special Girl" which was written by Canadian singer-songwriter Eddie Schwarz. I know the song and I know that the same song also appeared on Meat Loaf's 1986 album Blind Before I Stop.

Again I could be done right here if I use the Meat Loaf connection since I know that brothers Bob and Bruce Kulick were both members of the Neverland Express, Meat Loaf's touring band after his Bat Out of Hell success. 

But let's see where else this Eddie Schwarz link can take us because I happen to know that Eddie Schwarz wrote the song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" which was a big hit for Pat Benatar in 1980.

Pat Benatar came up in the very first installment of Six Degrees of KISS (ABBA) because I used her to connect Mike Chapman to Holly Knight since the pair co-wrote "Love Is a Battlefield." But let's see where else this Pat Benatar connection might lead.

Hmm, she did a John Cougar song, she did a Sweet song, she did a Kate Bush song. "We Belong" was written by Lowen and Navarro. Dave Navarro is Dan Navarro's cousin.

Wait a minute, I know that Pat's first album In the Heat of the Night includes her version of the song "Rated X" which originally appeared on Nick Gilder's killer 1977 solo debut You Know Who You Are. I know that Nick Gilder links back to Holly Knight since Gilder and Knight co-wrote the song "The Warrior" which was a top ten hit for Patty Smyth and Scandal in 1984, but I also know that Nick Gilder can be used as a link to Bryan Adams since I know that Bryan Adams replaced Nick Gilder as the singer in the Canadian seventies glam rock band Sweeney Todd.

So as you can see there are several routes I could have taken using America as the first link to D-A-D and going from there but I think this is the most fun and circuitous route:

1. D-A-D to America via "A Horse With No Name."

2. America to Eddie Schwarz via "Special Girl."

3. Eddie Schwarz to Pat Benatar via "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

4. Pat Benatar to Nick Gilder via "Rated X."

5. Nick Gilder to Bryan Adams via Sweeney Todd.

6. Bryan Adams to KISS via "Rock and Roll Hell" and "War Machine," two songs he co-wrote with Jim Vallance and Gene Simmons for the 1982 KISS album Creatures of the Night.

And there you have it.

Friday, July 18, 2014



Jimmy Clifford I accept your challenge and will connect Sheena Easton to KISS in six steps or less.

Sheena Easton is a Scottish pop singer who helped tens of women get physically fit in the eighties with her 30 Minute Workout and 7 Minute Stomach.

I think her 1983 single "Telefone" is awesome.

But how will I connect a Scottish pop singer to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. Sheena Easton's 1982 album Madness, Money & Music included a song called "Wind Beneath My Wings."

2. "Wind Beneath My Wings" became a number one hit for Bette Midler when she recorded it for the Beaches soundtrack in 1988.

3. Bette Midler's 1980 album The Rose (the soundtrack to the film) includes a song called "Camellia" which was written by Stephen Hunter.

4. Stephen Hunter played guitar in Mitch Ryder's post-Detroit Wheels band which was simply called Detroit.

5. Detroit's one and only album from 1971 was produced by Bob Ezrin.

6. Bob Ezrin produced the albums Destroyer, Music From "The Elder" and Revenge by KISS.

And there you have it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014



Chris Leatherman I accept your challenge and will connect Jethro Tull to KISS in six steps or less.

Jethro Tull were a British progressive rock band whose album Crest of a Knave infamously beat out Metallica's ...And Justice For All to win the 1987 Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance. They are responsible for one of the worst songs ever, "Bungle In The Jungle," but the band's 1972 album Thick as a Brick, which is just one long song, is actually pretty good. I for one am especially fond of their 1978 album Heavy Horses

So how am I going to connect these illustrious Grammy winners to KISS in six steps or less? Like this:

1. Jethro Tull's original bass player was a dude named Glenn Cornick. Just look at the dirty hippy!

2. After leaving Jethro Tull Glenn Cornick formed a band called Paris with guitar player Bob Welch, who had left Fleetwood Mac only to be replaced by Lindsey Buckingham.

3. After two albums Paris broke up and Bob Welch embarked on a successful solo career, including scoring a top twenty hit with "Sentimental Lady" in 1977. On his eponymous 1981 album Bob Welch covered the song "Bend Me, Shape Me" which had been a top ten hit in US for The American Breed in 1967 and in the UK for Amen Corner in 1968.

4. "Bend Me, Shape Me" was also recorded by the awesome UK glam rock band Hello for a 1975 single.

5. Hello had a top ten hit in the UK that same year (1975) with a song called "New York Groove."

Just for shits and giggles here are a couple of my favorite Hello songs:

6. "New York Groove" reached number 13 on the US charts when it was released by Ace Frehley of KISS on his solo album in 1978.

And there you have it.

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